#HappyPeriod is a non-profit organization and social movement of girlfriends providing menstrual hygiene kits.
Our initiative supports anyone with a monthly cycle that has low-income, is homeless and/or living in poverty, including LGBTQ, veterans, and disabled. Our volunteer events enable attendees to collect, assemble, and distribute kits. Ambassadors organize events and donation drives, distributions, and shelter drop-offs to help for their community. 

We have important guidelines you should know about first before fundraising or forming a chapter for #HappyPeriod.

At #HappyPeriod gatherings volunteers meet up to assemble and distribute collected donations. Attendees bring donations of pads, tampons, wipes, liners, soap,, and/or underwear and make hygiene kits. It is optional for volunteers to do street distribution or shelter drop-offs as a second part of the gathering.

Collect product by having a donation drive in a public place, like your school, workplace, or business. Simply leave a box/bin for the public to drop of suggested items. All items should be individually wrapped and sealed within packaging.

Approved chapter leaders and partnerships will receive access to our logo.
Decide yourself to donate the kits by doing either a shelter drop-off or street distribution. Drop off all donations to your local shelter or distribute everything to individuals that are street homeless in your community.

Whether you are an individual looking to help out when available or a group of friends wanting to volunteer monthly, we welcome you to the #PeriodPosse! Next step is to apply to become an ambassador and sign our agreement. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas that could help support our initiative. Thank you again for wanting to join the movement.

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Name of the potential #HappyPeriod chapter?

Name should be based on your location, or address of the group's school or organized institution, e.g. #HappyPeriodAtlanta, #HappyPeriodUCLA.
Which best describes the type of chapter you are forming?

How many individuals are in your chapter?

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How passionate are you about spreading this initiative?

Agreement w/ #HappyPeriod *

Requirements and expectations of all #HappyPeriod chapters are as follows: (1) A representative from the chapter must give a quarterly progress report, as well as follow up after all events; (2) All chapters must keep board members and official representatives of #HappyPeriod informed on all partnerships and events established; (3) For any funds collected, chapters must keep record, get approval for purchases, and also donate any remaining funds at the end of the quarter, or requested date, back to #HappyPeriod Inc.; (4) Chapters are expected to share/surrender all media, including but not limited to photography, videos, and social media links in regards to any activities;(5) In action of accepting these terms you are agreeing to the guidelines of the #HappyPeriod organization.
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